The leather sector in Turkey is producing with stability and quality
Leather sector where the hand labor and expertise come together,increasing production capacity and continues to search for new market.leather Industries associations are working for business of raising the quality of their profession and if leather industries niche brands ,
working for increasing their product variety and not compromise on quality.
She don't compromise on quality and hand workmanship
Boutique brand 'Tox Leather' conspicuousness with minimal and low-key designs.Tox leather products producing with hand workmanship and organic dyed leathers.
What is the products specifications of your brand?
We are producing only leather goods. We are choosing organic dyed leathers and cattle leathers which already using for food sector like cow,buffalo.All our goods producing with hand workmanship.I am designing my designs on a figure that I generally envision.Most of my designs consist of 'unisex' bags and accessories.I made three collection until today, named; smooth,valer and posh...
where do you supply your raw materials 'leather' from?
Generally we are using 'Turkey production' leathers for our goods we just prefer to use Italian leathers for buffalo.Turkey is quite good in the world leather industry, many major accessory and bag brands in the world meet the need for leather from Turkey.It is possible to find leather at the highest quality in Turkey.
When you evaluate leather industry, what is the pearls and pitfalls of Turkey leather industry ?
I think that Turkey has not yet reached the point it deserves in leather exports.Even if strategies for different markets are created, it will take time.So what we can do today,for near feature;everything is consumed very quickly in the world,for reach this consumption rate, companies prefer chemical production forms by give up environment-human health.For example , one of the biggest income sources in Bangladesh economy is leather production but they have severe chemical use in their tanning yard and according to the human rights watch report, the ecosystem in this area is about to be destroyed.Our goal is not to save the day, but must be sustainability.
Which part of the production does the most investment for your brand?
For us, leather and labour.Every new sales point or growing our sales quantity means new employee for our brand, because we don't use any machine at any stage of production.Other most investment is our raw materials 'leather',if you want to use best quality leathers you need to bear the cost.
What is your 2017 goals?
We will expand the product range and few months ago ,we opened a subsidiary of our company in US because we a lot of lovely customers from US and we are planing to concentrate to Tox leather US incorporation for 2017.
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