About Tox

Genderless Belongings
We're nine hour a day,
a studio in a historical building of heart of Istanbul
that loves to create, produce and babbling with our visitors.

At Tox leather, we all come to work every day for produce timeless classic and minimal designs which can use many years and create a style that's all your own.

All our handmade goods made with premium full-grain leathers ( chromium free) and most durable stainless steel accessories.We're shipping our genderless goods to worldwide since 2012 and now we're a big family together, our costumers well know that they can reach out us whenever they want and we have five star review in all-time from our lovely costumers.We are doing the best that we can so we believe our quality of workmanship and leathers so we have very flexible return policy , and we have lifetime repair-care service.

Tox leather goods designed for all-day use,all-season and genderless...  Organize your daily things with functional,timeless design and enjoy the smooth feel and luxurious look of premium leather.

Founder & Designer
 Eser Dasdemir


All tox goods are made with premium quality full-grain leather .For specific questions about leather care e-mail us at  info@toxleather.com

*leather is a natural material still needs to breathe and care , please do not wrap it in plastic and do not neglect the care when it's needed.

 when leather gets wet ; do not use direct heater like hair-dryer , allow to dry at room temperature after a bit dry with paper towels.

when leather gets dry ; preferably recommended take your bag to a leather goods repair shop . at home; pick a leather dubbin or cream.