PETALS MAGAZİNE - Summer 2016 issue



ROPORTAJ Yagmur Sefa

.........................FOTOGRAFLAR Gokhan Polat........................

Sizi Istiklal caddesi'nde ,kiremit duvarla cevrili Tox leather'in butik magazasina goturuyoruz.Ozenle tasarlanan, el yapimi deri aksesuarlarina yakından baktiginizda,aslinda her birinde kucuk farklar oldugunu goreceksiniz.Bu farkları siyaset bilimi okurken kendini deri ve modanın icinde bulan ,markanin kurucusu Eser Dasdemir'den dinliyoruz.

How did you get interested in leather design?

It all started with a leather bag i saw in Italy.It was a simple design made from one piece of leather.I thought i could find something similar in Istanbul but couldn't.This made me want to do it for myself.Leather is a natural material,its smell,texture and variety of uses really grabbed me,so i continued to make leather bags and accessories.

What are other materials you use besides leather?

I try to stick with leather as much as possible.We do the sewing with waxed thread ,some of the designs have small stainless satin accessories and i like incorporating %100 cotton fabric with leather for the summer pieces.

Is your priority creating a need or a difference?

Let's say i prioritize needs with the aim of making a difference. My needs are my inspiration .As someone who loves and follows technology,when i see that a new phone doesn't fit inside the inner pocket of a bag,the need to increasing the pockets and creating a new cover becomes mandatory.Needs constantly develop and change.

If we wanted to buy a Tox leather design ,which model would you recommend us?

Valer clutch,which is now a Tox Leather classic.It is made of calfskin .It is a unisex model that can be used as a clutch or a  laptop case.It would be a good start for a stranger to Tox Leather.

Why do you prefer to produce in limited quantities? 

Since every product is made by hand,every one is different and unique.Since we don't mass produce,we can make small changes to every pieces of product ordered by the customer.I prefer to produce in smaller numbers for people who want their accessories to be unique and reflect themselves.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

A world where people respect one another and the nature.

How do you define your personal style?

I like simple and masculine clothes.I especially find pairing stilettos with a masculine outfit very powerful.

What does vetiver remind you of?

Freshness and tranquility.I use Prada infusion d'iris with a deep note of vetiver.

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