It's been so long since I've had a quiet Saturday morning, that the thought of it has me feeling unsettled. Such is the feeling I caught Friday night as I pondered my decision to allow myself the luxury of r&r. 

I decided to pursue the recreate portion more than I did the rest portion.
If you're in a huge rush, as I sometimes am during my mornings (how many times can you hit the alarm clock?), the outfit assembling section of your ritual is probably shortened to around 30 seconds ~ 1 minute - grab and throw on or pull on (this is why dresses are so convenient). 
I'll tell you now, my search for the perfect harness has been a long and conflicting one, a few years long search for the epitome of personality, usefulness, and sleekness. 
Then, it appeared. Meet the double-detachable-pouched-leather harness.
I took a simple outfit I'd wear to the office, a button down and billowy silky copper slacks, and textured it with this beautiful harness from Tox Leather.  
Adjustable waist, yes. Detachable pouches, yes. Super useful? Oh yes. Wear with anything? Yes. Great outfit to transition to and from any permutation of work, class, shoot, event.
It does help that the Altuzarra top and BCBG pants are beautiful on their own, as well.  

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