Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Finally….the much anticipated Mac Post.  I wanted to approach this subject in an easy and informal manner.  After reaching out to a few of my readers as well as reviewing previous comments, I put together a list of questions and answers about my computer.  Here we go:

Q:  What kind of Mac do you have? 

A:  I own a 15″ MacBook Pro with 4GB of Memory and a 1TB of disk space.  I highly recommend upgrading your RAM and disk space if you did photo editing or keep large volumes of data on your computer.

Q:  Why did you choose this specific Mac?

A: I chose the 15″ MacBook Pro for several reasons.  First, I wanted to go with a larger screen because I tend to have several application running at the same time (word documents and powerpoint; iPhoto and WordPress; etc.).  I also wanted a screen that would be easy to travel with as well as fit comfortably in my backpack or briefcase.  Last, I wanted the availability to add additional upgrades should I need them in the future.

Q: When and how did you purchase your Mac?

A:  I purchased my MacBook Pro when Apple was hosting their “Back to School” promotion.  The deal included a free printer as well as a $100 iTunes gift card.  I don’t believe they have the printer promotion anymore, however, I do know they still give out a  $100 gift card to the App Store.  You can check out all the details here.

Q:  What are your thoughts on Macs as well as Apple in general?

A:  I’m a huge fan of Apple and think they have created incredible products that go far beyond the user’s expectations.  More importantly, Apple has created products (such as the MacBook Pro) that are reliable, easy to use, and versatile.  Though Apple’s price point is high, you must consider the additional benefits that come with the products: low maintenance, free technical support via the Genius Bar, as well as a constant outflow of updates and improvements in the operating system.

Q:  How has you Mac helped you in school?

A: Where do I begin?! So I pretty much take my computer with me everywhere I go.  The long-battery life is great for students who have a heavy course load and the lightweight design makes transporting the laptop a breeze.  I use my Mac for school presentations, notes in class, extended writing papers, as well as for research needs.  What’s nice about Apple is the ability to completely customize your computer to your own preferences.  For instance, I have certain applications that launch once the computer is powered on and have created separate accounts that allow me to better organize my work life from my school life.

Q:  How long have you had your Mac?

A:  I think this is going on year 3 now?  My parents purchased the computer for me because my previous Mac was on it’s last leg and it was time for a significant upgrade.

Q:  How much do you use your Mac?

A:  Every.  Single.  Day.  From answering work e-mails, to reading lectures, to completing notes for class, I do everything and anything on my Mac.  I’ve been needing to get my screen replaced (I accidentally threw it in the back of my car a few months ago), however, I can’t bear the thought of not having access to all of my files, photographs, and e-mail accounts.

Q:  Have you ever changed the battery on your Mac?

A:  Nope!  I’m really bad at leaving my computer plugged in overnight, however, I haven’t noticed any reduction in the battery life capacity.  The new Macs have incredible battery life that allows users to surf the web for nearly 7 hours!

Q:  Have you ever had any accidents with your Mac?

A:  The only issues I’ve had was when my iPhoto wouldn’t update.  Because I have so many pictures on my computer, it was a nightmare baking up my library to a separate disk and then re-downloading my library.  It took nearly 2 weeks to fully resolve the problem, however, Apple did not charge me for any the technical support.

Q:  Macs are pretty expensive.  What do you think about buying “used?”

A:  Purchasing a Mac is making an investment that will provide you with a solid return.  Though I upgraded my computer a few years ago, my old PowerBook G4 (circa 2004) stills runs and works perfectly fine.  If you are wanting to save some money, I would consider buying a Refurbished Mac from Apple.  What’s great about this option is that the computers are in perfect condition with no scratches or operating issues.  I was looking at some of the prices, and realized that you could save over $500 by buying a computer that is 4-8 months “old.”

Q:  What applications do you recommend for students? 

A:  I highly (let me stress HIGHLY) recommend you purchase the Microsoft Word Suite.  Though Keynote, Numbers, and Pages are “cool,” they are lacking in tools and create issues when trying to convert or export.  Other than iPhoto, I don’t really use any other applications for my computer.  Personally, I would rather use the e-mail, calendar, and reminders client that Apple has built into the operating system in order to sync with the same software on my iPhone and iPad.

Q:  I’m thinking about getting an iPad.  Do you have one?  What’s your opinion on it?

A:  I actually was one of “those people” who went out and purchased the first version of the iPad when it came out years ago.  Though I did use it for quite some time, the only function it now serves is a source of entertainment.  If you are contemplating between a laptop and iPad, I highly recommend going with the computer because of it’s greater functionality.

Q: How has your Mac helped you with PKP:

A: I do all of my work for PKP on my Mac.  From photo editing to answering e-mails, my Mac is what keeps my blog and company afloat (other than my iPhone of course).


Q:  What cases would you recommend for keeping your computer clean and safe.

A: I highly recommend buying either a laptop sleeve or a shell for your Mac.  Below are some of my favorites.


  1. Luddite Laptop Case” by Thomas Paul.
  2. Artisan Leather Laptop Sleeve” by Restoration Hardware.
  3. Business As Usual” by Kate Spade.
  4. Gentlemen’s Laptop Case” by Wild & Wolf.
  5. Traveling Inspiration Laptop Sleeve” by Herschel Supply Co.
  6. Mackintosh Laptop Case” by Brooks Brothers.
  7. Disturbed Stripe Monogram Laptop Case” by Henri Bendel.
  8. Camel Laptop Sleeve” by O My Bag.
  9. Saddle Leather Zipper Laptop Sleeve” by Pottery Barn.
  10. MacBook Sleeve” by Tox Leather.
  11. See Through Satin Snap-On” by Speck
  12. Flower Cut-Out Laptop Case” by ASOS.

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